About festival

The main organiser of DANCE BRNO 100 is the Brno National Theatre Ballet with the financial support of the City of Brno, the Czech Ministry of Culture and the South Moravian Region. The festival is part of and one of the core events in the RE:PUBLIKA Festival, which takes place from 26 May to 17 June 2018 at the Brno Exhibition Centre to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the founding of an independent Czechoslovakia.

DANCE BRNO 100 / RE:PUBLIKA 1918 – 2018

A dance festival unrivalled in Central Europe.


The concept of the DANCE BRNO 100 festival, which closely follows the tradition of 25 years of the Tance Brno festival, is connected with the anniversary of the establishment of the independent Czechoslovak state and the breakup of the Austro-Hungarian monarchy. The City of Brno will join in the nationwide celebrations of the founding of our country with a project named FESTIVAL RE:PUBLIKA 1918-2018. The grand project will be based on several key events, with the prepared DANCE BRNO 100 festival set to be the top cultural affair featuring prominent guest ensembles from selected countries.


The Brno National Theatre Ballet as the organiser of DANCE BRNO 100 has invited the leading ballet ensembles from the countries that emerged as independent states from the former monarchy – Poland, Slovakia, Serbia, Austria, Slovenia, the Czech Republic, Ukraine, Croatia and Hungary. The top ballet ensembles of these states will perform at the festival: Polish National Ballet Warsaw, Ballet of the Slovak National Theatre, Ballet of the National Theatre Belgrade, Vienna State Ballet/Volksoper, Slovenian National Ballet Ljubljana, Czech National Ballet, Lviv National Ballet, Ballet of the Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb and the Hungarian National Ballet Budapest. The festival will begin with the premiere of the Brno National Theatre Ballet’s Amadeus MozArt at the Reduta Theatre.


Historically, Brno has always held a significant position on the cultural map of Europe. The planned performances at the Brno Exhibition Centre present a representative programme of all invited foreign ballet ensembles as well as the two largest Czech ballet ensembles. When putting the programme together, we emphasised not only the possibility of comparing the artistic level of individual ballet ensembles but also the presentation of interpretative personalities and choreographers of individual national ensembles. A festival with the scope of DANCE BRNO 100 has never been staged before in our country. It has the ambition to become a part of the 100th anniversary celebration of Czechoslovak statehood as well as the approaching centennial of the Brno National Theatre Ballet.